Emergency Care for New Mothers, Babies and Children in Nigeria

Emergency Care for New Mothers, Babies and Children in Nigeria


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Did you know that 19% of ALL global maternal deaths occur in Nigeria and that according to UNICEF 1 in every 10th child won't reach their 5th birthday?

AMURT Nigeria Health Centres (where over 15,000 babies have been born since 2010) recieve maternal, newborn and child emergencies daily at their 10 Health Centres in poor, remote, rural areas of Ebonyi state, S.E. Nigeria. Yet in many cases the families don't have enough to eat let alone pay for expensive emergency care for their loved ones.


Can you help AMURT Nigeria sponsor the emergency care of the next 200 new mothers, babies and children from impoverished families who can’t afford to pay for the treatment themselves?

In many cases the treatment will be lifesaving.


US$2250 will pay for a Baby Incubator Machine which will provide the environmental conditions needed for a premature baby or a sick full term baby to survive outside the womb

US$1850 will pay for a Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) machine which delivers constant air pressure and oxygen into a baby’s nose helping babies with breathing difficulties

US$1250 will pay for surgery for hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) with spina bifida (spinal cord not formed properly)

US$800 will pay for one leg prosthesis allowing a child to become mobile, greatly improving their standard of life

US$250 will pay for eye surgery allowing a child to see again

US$100 will pay for a normal caesarean section needed when vaginal birth would put mother and/or baby at risk

US$50 will stabilise a severely malnourished child for a week


New-born emergencies: When new-borns require emergency assistance after birth it is often lifesaving and one thing AMURT Nigeria need to save more lives is better intensive care equipment. Conditions they are presented with can include neonatal sepsis, anaemia, jaundice, birth asphyxia and low birth weight often due to the high incidence of twins and triplets; poor nutritional health of mothers and teenage pregnancies.

Maternal Emergencies: When a birth or pregnancy is complicated, and a mother is in distress AMURT needs to be able to act quickly and decisively. Complications before, during and after birth can include pre-eclampsia, postpartum hemorrhages, septic shock, sepsis, ruptured uterus and uterine prolapse.

Child emergencies: Families bring their children to AMURT Assisted Health Centres regularly with very serious conditions which include spina bifida (when spine and spinal cord don't form properly), hydrocephalus (where fluid accumulates in the brain) and intestinal obstruction. AMURT also want to help children who come requiring life changing treatment such as prosthetic limbs or surgery for their eyes to help them see again.

Why fund this project?

AMURT Nigeria has been setting up rural health centres in some of the poorest, most remote communities of Ebonyi state, S.E. Nigeria for the last 9 years. To date over 15,000 babies have been born in their health centres.

AMURT uses a decentralised model of operation where the local community initiate, manage and take ownership of the health centres in partnership with AMURT and the government. Their model has been a huge success. They have gained trust from the community and the Nigerian Government and have opened a new health centre almost every year since they started.

Odeligbo Health centre, which was upgraded last year to a CEMONC centre (Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care Centre), is amongst the top 4 health facilities within Ebonyi state.

As AMURT’s reputation for high quality care grows AMURT Assisted Health and Referral Centre's are receiving increasing numbers of patients with serious, often life-threatening conditions.

However, according to the National Bureau of Statistics 73.6% of the population in Ebonyi state live on less than US$1 per day. The percentage is higher in rural areas where AMURT works. This means many families struggle to survive let alone pay for expensive emergency treatment.

You can read more about AMURT Nigeria's work on this website.

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